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Think of the taste of a beautiful ripe and homegrown tomato! What great red color and wow, the fruity and sweet taste… It is completely different from the quality they sell in the supermarket, right? With spices it is exactly the same. Our spices are famous for

Direct Trade
We know our farmers personally and visit them on their fields.
You get your spices straight from farm to table.

100% Organic
We source only from organic growers out of organic & sustainable agriculture.

You always get the latest harvest from this year and highest quality only.

As a result, you receive the finest and freshest spices for your kitchen. Order today and taste the difference!

Home Cooking Basics

The perfect set of spices for starting a whole new cooking experience. Pamper your taste buds with some of the finest fresh spices. The ‘Home Cooking Basics Set’ includes:

50g organic Black Jungle Pepper
incl. spice mill (ceramic grinder)
from Wayanad, India

100g organic Black Jungle Pepper
from Wayanad, India - Refill pack

120g Himalayan Crystal Salt
incl. spice mill (ceramic grinder)
from Salt Range, Pakistan

500g Himalayan Crystal Salt
from Salt Range, Pakistan - Refill pack

50g organic Sweet Red Pepper
from Mallorca (Spain)

50g organic Turmeric
from Wayanad, India

50g Piment d’Espelette (chili)
from Basque, France

40g organic Ceylon Cinnamon
from Sri Lanka

40g organic Mountain Oregano
from Astros, Greece

Booklet "Spice Discovery"
with the story of these spices

5 delicious and easy recipes
for daily cooking at home

Gourmet Cooking Add-on

For the gourmets who want the full Fresh Spices Experience, we have hand picked some of the finest high-quality fresh spices in the world. And because fresh is our name, you will receive two deliveries - the Home Cooking Basics Set will be shipped to you on December 16, and the Gourmet Cooking Add-on in March 2020, straight from the fields of our exclusive farmers:

15g Himalayan Pink Crystal Pyramids
Salt flakes from Salt Range, Pakistan

10g organic gourmet Vanilla-Sticks
from Mexico*

35g organic Green Cardamom
from Colombia

0,75g organic Red Gold Saffron
from Iran*

50g TGSEB Pepper
Tellicherry Garbeld Special Extra Bold
from Wayanad India

15g biodynamic Beetroot Powder
(vacuum dried)
from Saxony, Germany

5 delicious gourmet recipes
for special occasion cooking at home


The Home Cooking Basics Selection
as described above including 7 spices,
booklet, and 5 recipes

*organic but not certified

This is an exclusive offer to be paid with Rainbow Currency (YEM) only. All prices including VAT and shipping. Shipping within the European Union (no external areas) only. Home Cooking Basics Selection will ship on Dec 16, 2019 with DHL and should be received before Christmas. The Gourmet Cooking Add-on will ship in March 2020. Fulfillment by ‘Direkt vom Feld’ Richard Friedrich .

"Direkt vom Feld“ (directly from the field) is a young organic spice manufactory. Based in Chemnitz in the East of Germany. Richard, the founder canceled his career as a mechanical engineer to follow his passion - food and traveling. He wanted to know where his food and spices come from. So he visited a lot of farmers. From the pepper farmers in the jungle of India, to Iranian saffron producers to herbal farmers in the mountains of Greece. He found high quality spices with much more aroma than anything he experienced before. With his company he’s working together with this premium spice farmers. They source directly from them, organic quality and always from the fresh harvest.

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